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Capital Acquisition – Lead 


Your Mission


As an experienced fundraiser, you are an expert at crafting the most suitable “Pitch” for pursuing investment capital.


As the investment lead, you would guide the supporting operational and strategic facets of our business development to support our staged capital investment acquisition programs. You play a central role in each funding round to extend significant influence on the capital acquisition marketing direction and strategy of the company.


Primary responsibility for coordinating and organizing each funding round, including identifying and recruiting other investors. You will be presenting the agreed investment opportunity, and leading the negotiating of any modifications to the intended terms of the Investment up to closing and funding completion. 


Your past experiences and expertise are from having closed many rounds of funding and you can proactively guide and support related activities towards success on subsequent funding rounds. 


Key skills


Exceptional communication skills: networking, negotiation, and conflict-resolution abilities. Demonstration of phenomenal interpersonal skills along with excellent verbal and written communication skills that are a necessity for public speaking, and pitching. 


Strong financial, investment, and analytical plus major problem-solving skills. A successful track record and possibly PMP designation together with excellent time-management and organizational skills. 


Excellent numerical skills:


Work to a budget and reach financial targets on time, including regularly reporting to management for delivery to internal stakeholders, and investors.


Negotiation skills: You need to possess the ability to persuade potential investors of the value, benefit, and future of this investment and the potential for real cash investment ROI following ROC, to comfortably manage all questions about the investment opportunity.


Beneficially Well-read: i.e. Avid study of books like ‘Pitch Anything’ by Oren Klaff


Qualifications; Relevant Experience


You have a solid track record of raising millions of private funding for software, gaming, or alternative investment technology companies

Past successful scale equivalent experience in fundraising is critical. However, marketing experience in sales can be a valuable adjunct as well.




Organise and take part in strategy and planning meetings with other members of the fundraising team 


Effectively convey the organization’s mission, vision, and programs to potential investors

Write internal reports, analyzing fundraising progress every month


Research prospects who could be interested in investing


Cold call potential investors and build relationships with them


Refine the pitch deck, business plans, and marketing strategy


Strategize and successfully execute fundraising campaigns


Update investors on how their money is being used


Key Duties


∙ Securing funding: The Capital Acquisition – Lead guides the stages, phases, and scale of investment funding by round as determined by operations management. 

∙ Setting investment terms: The Capital Acquisition – Lead is responsible for recommending to the Board the terms of the investment with the company and other investors. This includes supporting the valuation of the company, education on investment processes, and any special terms or conditions attached to the investment.

∙ Providing guidance and support: The Capital Acquisition – Lead will continue to provide valuable guidance and support for additional Capitalization as the company grows. This can include strategic advice as well as introductions to other investors. The Capital Acquisition – Lead should help avoid common pitfalls and navigate the challenges of scaling the business and securing additional required funding if necessary.

∙ Offering industry expertise: The Lead if experienced in the Gaming industry can offer valuable insights and advice to help our company succeed. They may be able to provide access to industry connections and knowledge that isn’t accessible otherwise.

∙ Mitigating risk: Help mitigate risk by conducting due diligence on the company and its business model. This can help ensure that the investment is sound and that the company has a solid plan for growth, revenue generation, and net Cash flow to support Business Valuation and related Capital Acquisition needs.

∙ Pitch a bank-ready business plan containing a subscription offer, and successfully close additional investors




1. Close Stage 3 Rounds 1 and 2 (as defined by our Term Sheet)

2. Secure revolving production budgets for ongoing development


Required Skills and Qualifications


∙ At least three years of experience in fundraising, sales, or marketing

∙ A passion for research and discovery

∙ Highly-motivated individual

Preferred skills

∙ Experience in communications, business, and public relations or related fields

∙ Experience raising and/or investing in tech, and/or video games

∙ Owner of a large list of wealthy individuals

∙ Confidence in public speaking


About the Position above


You embody a love and passion for working in entertainment that is truly good for gamers. You work remotely. You track your own time. You will begin part-time. After a 3-month trial period, you may go full-time, continually paid up to 40-to-50 hours a week at any time as proven and required at the company’s discretion. IMU Studios Inc. is in a growth phase, seeking various roles for contract work.


About the Game


Our cinematic open-world hero shooter video game takes place on Nebulous Prime, a small planet in the beautiful Stellar Jewel Box nebula. Filled with playable stories, meaningful quests, arenas, and game challenges. Allowing players to freely explore and discover all of the beautiful details as revealed. TEAM IMU creates environments that players can experience in awe, all built on the visual power and performance of the Unreal Engine.


About the Company


IMU Studios creates refreshing experiences for gamers. Thrilling, fun adventures that shake the foundations of the industries we enter. We have assembled a team of video game underdogs, all hungry to be the next heroes. Together we are pushing everything to be more exciting!


IMU Studios was founded when game developer Robert Strutin’s market research revealed fresh opportunities in the video game industry, crossing market lines of gameplay and revenue models. Our home studio is nestled in the beautiful, inspiring mountains of British Columbia, Canada, with active Team Members contributing worldwide. Our expert team of game developers and artists are truly passionate about their craft and producing profound entertainment experiences. We create exhilarating video games that enrich your life and empower you as a player. 


Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you would like to join.




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