Hello, my name is Jorcus from Malaysia. I’m a self-taught software developer and also an entrepreneur. I write code from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and PHP. Occasionally I do also write C++ and Java.

I’m also a WordPress Expert, I build awesome websites and web applications. You can hire me to build you a website or teach you code at Online Course.

Other than web application, I occasionally work with AWS, Database like SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL, Android, Linux, Kali Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Cyber Security, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AI, Robotics, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision technologies. You can also check out my Work.

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About Me

NAME: Ng Fang Kiang
LANGUAGES: English, Chinese, Malay
HOBBIES: Cycling, Yoga, Run, Reading, Kung Fu Addict
TRAVEL STYLE: Backpacking
3 WORDS ABOUT ME: Minimalist, Adventurous, Enthusiastic

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MIT World Competition

In 2017, I participated to MIT self-driving car deep traffic competition. I achieve the first place in deep traffic world competition and received one term scholarship for self-driving car nanodegree. I maintained my score in TOP 10 in deep traffic world competition from 1.0 to 1.2.

DeepTraffic is a deep reinforcement learning competition. The goal is to create a neural network to drive a vehicle (or multiple vehicles) as fast as possible through dense traffic.


About LOGO

The website logo is designed in 2018 based on my nickname JORCUS. The logo is made with a custom-made fire element. It placed in between my nickname. This is a symbolic sign reminding me never stop and keep burning…