How is Jorcus different from others?

Unlike most communities out there, we try our best not to use Facebook Group, Slack, Discord, or any third-party platform where we don’t have source code access. Using third party platform can be incredibly good at the starting point, but it can limit how far we can go. Most of those platforms aren’t built specifically for remote workers or digital nomads communities.

In this scenario, we decide to do lots of custom coding, build and host them ourselves.

As we are building our own platform that is connecting all digital nomads and remote workers together into a platform. We will also try our best to not charge our users as much as possible, but we will implement an extremely strict spam firewall to detect bad IP addresses and fake bots to stop bad guys joining our community.

You know, there is “There Aren’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch”. We can’t lose our money to build all things free. The server, hosting, maintenance, email sending, API, all of them aren’t free and some of them can cost us an arm and a leg.

For example,

Google Maps API: $7 per 1000 requests.

10 users upload 5MB of photos per day, it will be 50MBs per day storage fee.

100 users upload 5mb will be 500 MBs a day. It can cost us a lot too, not just to store. It’s also needed to backup; it can be another challenging task too.

At least, we need some sort of income to maintain.

Things we might do to maintain our site/app:

  • A donation button (Buy me a coffee)
  • Placing Ads (Sponsorship)
  • Paid membership to unlock premium features
  • etc.