Tools To Audit Your Website Speed And Performance
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PageSpeed Test

  1. Pingdom: The web tool for complete site speed analysis
  2. GTmetrix: the web tool for complete site speed analysis
  3. WebPagetest: website performance and optimization test web tool
  4. Page Speed Grader: the web tool for complete site speed analysis
  5. Google PageSpeed: the PageSpeed family help you optimize the performance of your website
  6. KeyCDN: Website speed test
  7. Dotcom-monitor instantly test your website speed in real browsers from +20 locations worldwide
  8. New Relic
  9. Google Analytics Site Speed
  10. DareBoost
  11. Web Page Analyzer
  12. YSlow (Yahoo)
  13. Chrome DevTools
  14. Load Impact
  15. Geekflare
  16. Varvy
  17. Uptrends
  18. Sucuri Load Time Test
  19. Yellow Lab Tools
  20. PAGElocity
  21. Web.Dev Measure

Mobile Page Speed

Chrome Extensions
Page Load Time: Chrome extension for fast measuring page load time

Web Uptime Tools

This are some of the available online checks:

CDN Speed and Performance

KeyCDN Web Performance Test

KeyCDN web performance test is a free online web performance test, it will test your website form 14 test locations including Europe, United States and Asia areas. If your website shows the green indicator on all Connect and TTFB(Time to first byte), I would congrats you, your website is run pretty fast on all the difference location. If you didn’t get a great result, would recommend you contact me at Or configure the FREE unlimited CDN with Cloudflare CDN on your website. Don’t hestitate to reach me out!


This tools is really great, they are not just covered a simple CDN test. They will test your website speed and performance from 25 difference locations including first visit and repeat visit!


Would you like to know how fast is your CDN perform on difference location? Try out CDN Performance Checker tool from CDNPlanet, you can check out your website CDN performance difference country. They covered 10 residential locations around the global including US, Canada, Ireland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia!

Securi LoadTime Tester

Securi LoadTime Tester is an another alternative likes keycdn and CDNplanet one. But this one will give you an global performance grade. Also, they calculate the average response time for you while others tool doesn’t.

Summary, it’s important to serve your website in CDN especially if you running an e-commerce website. A website server location on US and you surfing the website on Asia area, in average the page load time is around 15 seconds, but if you used CDN. It can drastically improve the page speed from 15 seconds to 2-10 seconds. It’s depending on your web hosting and CDN provider.

Web Compression Level

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