Yemen Info

Yemen is a country located on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, and Oman to the east. The country is also home to the 7th century, Shibam city, which is known as one of the oldest skyscrapers in the world. Its terrain consists of sandy desert and mountains. Its capital is Sana'a. Many Yemenis are of mixed Arab and Afro-Asian ancestry. It is a dry desert country. The economy is based in agriculture, and most Yemenis live in rural areas.

🌍 Continent Asia
🏰 Capital Sana'a
💵 Currency YER
😊 Population 29,161,922 People
📏 Area 527,968 km²
📞 Calling Code +967
🌐 Internet Domain .ye
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Yemen Map