Why Passive Income Is Important Jorcus

Why passive income is important?

Time is one of the most valuable resources as a business owner. When you lost the money, the money can be earn again but if you lost your time, it will be gone forever and never come back.

As an entrepreneur, most of our goal is to make lots of money and having the freedom to buy or do our own stuff. In many scenarios, we have to trades our limited time for money; it comes out with either you have money or time, you can only choose one.

If you want to have both time and money, keeps working for active income isn’t a good idea. So, I’m to talks about why building passive income is so important?

  1. Ability to accumulate all passive income, once passive income built. You can create more passive income have more passive income.
  2. Flexibility of time, you time won’t be locked for specific time. You will have more freedom of time.
  3. Passive income can also reduces your stress, anxiety and fear of the future.
  4. It allows you to pursue doing the things you love
  5. Flexibility to work anywhere, you don’t required to stay in a specific location. You can live and work from anywhere as long as there’s internet connection.
  6. When you have passive income, It’s more secure than just one job. When you get sick for a couple months, you don’t have to worry about cannot work.
  7. It provides a platform for financial stability and growth

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