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This Forum Is A Place For Online Learners Online Learning

Hello everyone, welcome to this forum. This is a place to ask, share and discuss online courses, books, and study together. I know that many of you are digital nomads, and you don’t always go to the center to learn new things. Many of you will learn online. You can use this opportunity to connect with others and learn together.

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ellie.bratt 8 months ago

Hello fellow aspiring DN’s!

I’m posting on here as there is a really exciting free and virtual DN expo coming up in September!

It is the first of its kind to feature Government officials from lots of different countries including Dubai, Croatia and Malta who are there to help answer any visa, tax, or other questions you may have.

There will also be some well-known DN veterans speaking at the expo, to give you free tips and advice about the DN lifestyle.
If you want to sign up free here is the link for ease:

See you there ?

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