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Share Your Living Expenses in This Forum Trip Report

Hello everyone, welcome to this forum. This forum is about living cost and living expenses. We know the cost of living is a very subjective topic. The cost of living in the city may vary in a few years. That’s why we create this forum to help our members keep updates.

We also know you are digital nomad always busying travel from a place to another place. If you are currently planning to visit a city but need help to get some insight of cost of living in the city. You can start a topic and ask in this forum.

The forum does not limit any subject matter of living expenses. You can share or ask questions about living expenses for specific location. You can make a few questions like the following questions

Sample Question

  • How much does it cost to live in Tokyo, Japan for a month as a digital nomad?
  • How I spent USD 800 a month in Penang, Malaysia. (Please write some context and some living cost breakdown if possible, otherwise it may considered as a clickbait/spam)
  • Do you think USD 1,000 is enough to live in Chiang Mai?
  • I have a USD 500 tight budget, where can I go?
  • If you have USD 800 a month, where do you travel as a digital nomad?

If you start a post and share something. It’s always important to write some context before you post. A bare link are considered as a spam.

To help our members even more, we are allowed our members to post about your own YouTube video about the cost of living of a place. But you are required to write some context with some cost breakdown before you post your own YouTube video to the forum. The YouTube link should be placed at the end of the paragraph. (Don’t post link at the beginning of paragraph.)

If you new to the community. Please read our community guideline.

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