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Just last Friday, I successfully wrapped up a dynamic 2-month contract recruiting project for a prestigious venture capital firm. Throughout this exhilarating journey, I meticulously interviewed and thoroughly screened more than 225 exceptional candidates. Out of this impressive pool, 26 truly outstanding individuals emerged, each showing genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Results? I am delighted to report that 12 of these remarkable candidates have seamlessly transitioned into the client’s corporate recruitment pipeline. What sets this venture apart is that, unlike traditional placement fees based on a percentage of salary, my services were offered at a highly cost-effective hourly rate. This unique approach allowed our client to achieve an incredible 80% cost savings, demonstrating the unparalleled value of my recruiting expertise.

If your organization has open positions and a burning desire to swiftly and efficiently identify experienced, highly-qualified talent, don’t hesitate to reach out to me today. With over 30 years of dedicated recruiting experience under my belt, I’m well-equipped to locate top-tier talent across the entire nation, whether you’re seeking full-time professionals or exceptional candidates for your contract projects.

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Manish Kumar Khatik 1 month ago


datablade 1 month ago

Are you interested to hire me as a remote recruiter, or are you looking for a position?

Manish Kumar Khatik 1 month ago

Sorry for inconvenience, I am looking for a position

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