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Namibia launches Digital Nomad Visa Digital Nomad

NAMIBIA is again selling her scenic landscapes, safety, and good internet connectivity to professionals who are location-independent and self-sufficient, to come and live, work and travel hassle-free in Namibia for up to six months.

At the launch, the investment promotion board said many countries with appreciable tourism sectors suffering from a reduction in global travel have begun offering Digital Nomad Visas to remote workers.

Applicants wanting to take advantage of the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa will have to prove that they earn enough money to be self-sufficient.

“They will need to demonstrate proof of income/funds (Payslip/Employment Contract) to sustain themselves and dependants (US$2 000 – applicant, US$1 000 – accompanying spouse, US$500 – per accompanying child per month),” reads the requirements.

Applicants must also have valid travel documents, health or travel insurance covering risks while in Namibia.

Approximately US$62 (N$1 100) will be required upon arrival as payment for the visa.

Namibia launches Digital Nomad Visa – The Namibian