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I’m an Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa, hailing from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. I hold a B.Tech. in Information Technology with a commendable CGPA of 8 from PSIT College of Engineering.

At Virtusa, I’ve been engaged in several exciting projects. One of my key involvements has been with the ‘Cost Of Borrowing’ web application, dedicated to mortgage-related functionalities like loan calculations, generating agreements, and storing information digitally.

Another significant project I’ve contributed to is ‘Phoenix,’ where I worked on integrating the Broker Layout into BMO’s banking system. This initiative aimed to streamline loan processing, allowing solicitors to apply for loans on behalf of customers and manage the entire process efficiently.

In terms of technical skills, I’m proficient in Core Java using Eclipse, Spring Boot, Git, and SQL. I’m also adept at utilizing tools like Postman, JIRA, Jenkins, and Angular for efficient project management and development.

Apart from technical expertise, I possess strong leadership qualities, demonstrated through my ability to collaborate effectively with teams to enhance existing features and implement new functionalities. Additionally, I’ve developed a Python-based PC Assistant project focusing on automating computer tasks, integrating voice commands, and optimizing system performance.

When I’m not diving into tech projects, I enjoy playing badminton and video games, exploring new places, listening to music, and staying updated with the latest news in the world of technology. My ability to work independently, take initiative to solve problems, and work effectively under pressure are some qualities that contribute to my professional success.