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JOB TITLE: Regional associates Job Seeker

Hello..I am a business development Executive at Dowell Research. We are a software development, research company….
I am currently looking for REGIONAL ASSOCIATES.

JOB TITLE: Regional associates
Job type: Freelance
work location: Remote
Salary range: (will be discussed)
working hours( 5 hours daily)
Job description/Summary: Attend designated trade shows in person on our behalf, as our exclusive representative. we will provide information about which trade show you should attend. During your attendance,your responsibility includes:
1. Engaging with each booth and interacting with visitors
2. Distributing our business cards and flyers to all relevant parties.
3. Collecting business cards from the exhibitors you interacted with.
4. capturing photographs of their stands
5. Obtaining an exhibitor list from the official show guide
6.Scanning all collected business cards using our designated app and prompt ly submitting them to us..
7. submitting the show guide and stand photos via our app..

Minimum qualification: Highschool,Degree

Company proof..Dowell Research
Contact email:
Also shear the post please.

Send an email if interested