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Introduce Yourself Here Introductions

Hello everyone, welcome to the Jorcus community.

We’re on a mission to help bring together the digital nomads and remote workers community with the capability to help each other out during the hardest stages of their journey. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a remote worker looking to find out how to start or an established nomad looking to connect with your community this community is for you.

We are a digital nomad and remote worker community for digital nomadic people. We help each other to find a job, apartment, city, language and more. We are a community for digital nomads to find their job, where they can live and how to meet their friends in the digital nomad life.

We are also a community of digital nomads, who travel the world in search of new adventures and opportunities. We are always on the move, exploring and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and experiencing beautiful places. We share our experiences with our followers and provide them with useful information on how to travel and work as a digital nomad.

There are quite a few digital nomads around the world right now, but it’s hard to find them. We are going to be the ones leading the community. We want to be the ones to share the information to you how to make a living in a new way, becoming a digital nomad. So, we are going to introduce you to all the people in the community, as well as the reasons why you should live as a digital nomad.

It’s so amazing that you are here. Please introduce yourself to the community, so that we can maintain closer contact with the community and make each other closer. Write a bit about yourself, tell us who you are, what you do, where do you are from, a list of your favorite place and so on. It would be amazing if you upload your own photos too!

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ellie.bratt 8 months ago

sorry moderator, i was not aware of my duplicate posts, please delete duplicates!

Fang Kiang Ng 8 months ago

No worries. I’ll remove it

theopenreturn 5 months ago

Hi Everyone,

My name is Joyce. As of March 2020, I’ve been a remote worker living in the USA. Throughout my professional career, I’ve traveled extensively and continue to enjoy seeing the world while working. I look forward to making valuable connections as well as sharing and learning about new places to visit. You can also check out my website at

Or follow me on Instagram-;;

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