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Introduce Yourself Here Digital Nomad

Hello everyone, welcome to the Jorcus community.

We’re on a mission to help bring together the digital nomads and remote workers community with the capability to help each other out during the hardest stages of their journey. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a remote worker looking to find out how to start or an established nomad looking to connect with your community this community is for you.

We are a digital nomad and remote worker community for digital nomadic people. We help each other to find a job, apartment, city, language and more. We are a community for digital nomads to find their job, where they can live and how to meet their friends in the digital nomad life.

We are also a community of digital nomads, who travel the world in search of new adventures and opportunities. We are always on the move, exploring and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and experiencing beautiful places. We share our experiences with our followers and provide them with useful information on how to travel and work as a digital nomad.

There are quite a few digital nomads around the world right now, but it’s hard to find them. We are going to be the ones leading the community. We want to be the ones to share the information to you how to make a living in a new way, becoming a digital nomad. So, we are going to introduce you to all the people in the community, as well as the reasons why you should live as a digital nomad.

It’s so amazing that you are here. Please introduce yourself to the community, so that we can maintain closer contact with the community and make each other closer. Write a bit about yourself, tell us who you are, what you do, where do you are from, a list of your favorite place and so on. It would be amazing if you upload your own photos too!

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smymisr 1 year ago

I am Shabbir from India, living in Egypt since 2010 & a software engineer by profession and education.

I manage products and agile software engineering for Agile/Scrum teams for 5-7 years now.

Open to multiple roles & lookin to revive my developer career by working on remote/opensource projects in Java & recommended stacks.

Whatchuptu 1 year ago

Hi There!

Gene Harris CX Manager from New Zealand based start-up RemotelyHQ.

I’m a content specialist and community manager, driving our customer experience. I’m also a hobby illustrator, sculptor and art toy creator.

Remotely have reimagined virtual team building! Remotely is a fun, powerful and authentic way for your team to bring your team together to authentically connect and build team culture. Check out our avatar based environments and team building games here:

Megan Bowden 1 year ago

Hey everyone, I’m Megan Bowden of MBWrites.

My nomadic journey started in Thailand where I lived for a year (and plan to go back soon!) but right now I’m on the south coast of England. Travel writing about the 30 countries I’ve visited/lived in is the work that lets me see the world. I look forward to connecting with like-minded digital nomads!

If you’ve got any questions about South-East Asia, Western Europe, the US, South Africa, or freelance writing, hit me up! ? or TravelWritingMB ?

income2liberty 1 year ago

Hi I’m Will from

I am now in Hong Kong and has started working and building my own online businesses for nearly a decade. I am keen to know more like-minded people and share with and learn from anyone here!

Wish all of you and your family a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Zoran Grbic 1 year ago

Hi All,

Zoran here. I’m a photographer by profession.

I came to Paris in 1993 to try my luck at Sygma Photo Agency as a war photographer. Did some stuff for SIPA, ended up at Wostok Press where I tripped over Thomas Dworzak sleeping under the office table. Rest is history. He became a Magnum photographer and I spent too much time in all the hellholes you could imagine: Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq, Chechenia trying to change the world. :-)

Got almost killed in Bosnia only to see my reportage being cancelled because of another pool picture of Princess of Stephanie. Lost my youth innocence, decided to stop the nonsense and came back to Paris. Worked as a commercial photographer, got a son and changed profession. Became an IT project manager (yes, life is like that sometimes), to feed the family but not the mind.

Today, IT project management still pays the bills and allows me to invest in my own photography projects. I guess nothing is ever black and white in life except the pictures I shoot.

Went from Paris to Belgium, seperated, spent time chasing my own shadow and had another, lovely son in 2007 with my new partner.

I love documentary photography, reportages, discovering new places, traveling and trying to understand how to combine all of that full-time. Still haven’t. But then again, some things should never be figured out. Keeps you alert, on the move and open to new challenges.

Have been in Marloth Park, South-Africa for the last 2 weeks and will have to go back to Belgium in two days to take care of business. South-Africa got under my skin though and I plan to come back . A lot to discover, a lot to photograph.

I hope this forum will get traction because there is a huge need for a honest, digital nomad’s hang out with real people, real digital nomads. I am amazed how much crap there is on the Internet by people who seem to abuse of the label digital nomad just to get traction on twitter, facebook and instagram.

So, hello there, hope to talk to you soon!


+32 4 74 10 71 83 (WhatsApp & Signal too)

Zoran Grbic 1 year ago

Happy New Year to you too. Hopefully they’ll be much better than the last two. ;-)

Legion777 1 year ago

Hey everybody! I’m a digital nomad from Malta, and together with my Romanian girlfriend, live in Cyprus (as it’s conveniently located between both of our countries of origin, and is awesome!) but we travel often. Both of us are full time Forex & Crypto traders. We have plans to travel across Asia and/or Africa once the pandemic issue improves. I look forward to connecting with you all. Find me on Insta: @clive.loves.adventures

smymisr 1 year ago

Hey legion

I would love to learn the nitty gritties for my own knowledge and understanding. I don’t want to make millions, just $30-50 a day… What do you advise?

smymisr 1 year ago

Interested in learning more. Feel free to connect +201554968977

What products/business/trade are you building. I have been in international trades, purchase, imports, exports since 10 years now.

Legion777 1 year ago

Sure thing! Let’s get on a Zoom call so we can have a proper chat. You can reach me here:

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