I’m exciting for the WordPress 6.2 is coming next month – Jorcus

I’m exciting for the WordPress 6.2 is coming next month WordPress

I’ve been working on a block theme on this site for a while. Finally, the WordPress block editor is no longer in beta on 6.2. Starting today, we will be making some major updates to our site until the WordPress 6.2 official released.

Some of the new features highlighted on WordPress 6.2 are:

  • Templates and Template Parts Preview: You can see how your templates and template parts look like before applying them.
  • Distraction-Free Mode: You can hide all panels on the screen and focus on your content.
  • New Block Settings Panel Interface: You can access more options for each block in a new panel that slides from the right side of the screen1.
  • Color-Coded Template Parts and Reusable Blocks: You can easily identify different types of blocks by their colors.
  • Style Book and Improved Styles Preview: You can create and apply custom styles to your site and preview them in real time.

There are more features coming on WordPress 6.2, such as Openverse integration, improved navigation block UI, improved pattern inserter, etc. I can’t wait to update it on this site soon.

Is anyone migrating to WordPress block themes too?