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Hola! Digital Nomad

Hi Folks, I’m Greg and I’m from the US. For work, I’m a remote accountant and for fun, I’m a traveler, adventurer, and (very) amateur photographer. I just returned home to Southern California for the holidays after spending 8 months in Costa Rica. After Christmas, I’m headed out to Cancún, Mexico and from there, who knows? You can find me here or on IG @elgansogringo. Nice to meet you!

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Zoran Grbic 1 year ago

Enjoy! Right now in South Africa, end of the week in Belgium for business. It’s going to be tough going back. ;-)

greg perdue 1 year ago

Hey Zoran, I had a good friend from South Africa when I was in Costa Rica. He made it sound amazing – I bet it would be tough to leave. I hope to get there someday! Have fun!

namastetaoloft 1 year ago

Hi Greg, your next stop sounds good, I was recently in a fabulous and quiet airbnb, quite an experience, I recommend it. Daria is an excellent hostess and the internet line is very secure.


danielle 1 year ago

Hola Greg and friends!

I am an online tutor, teaching children and also helping adults improve their English. I am from Scotland and am a qualified primary school teacher, with 10 years experience teaching in a classroom setting.

I was recently in Portugal Nov/Dec time and then Cancun last month. I am continuing to travel around Mexico for 6 months and then perhaps to Costa Rica. I am Merida, Mexico at the moment.

My friends are having a get together in Ibiza in September and I hope to not have ran put of money by then, not only so I can join them there but so that I can continue to live my travelling dreams! If anyone is in Merida at the moment or Chiapas where I hope to visit next, give me a shout! ?

gm-consulting 1 year ago

Hello. We are frrom Colombia. It’s Nice here the country

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