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Hi!! Australian Beach Retreat accommodation for remote workers! Digital Nomad

Hello everyone, I am super excited about the growth of the digital nomad community thanks to Covid. The freelancers of the world will now become the norm and we can enjoy a better quality of life.

I have created a remote working holiday home at beautiful, friendly Forster in NSW. The area is popular with families for their holidays as there is so much to do! I am now hoping it also becomes a digital nomad hub too as it is an aquatic playground. You can whale watch, dolphin watch, surf, swim, hire boats, hire paddleboards and kayaks, play on a jet ski, eat scrummy seafood (it has oyster farms and was originally a simple fishing town), dine out at trendy waterfront restaurants and enjoy a cocktail or two!

The perfect place to work and play at a chilled out pace. :)

Check it out here!


I would love tips on what you would expect to find at a remote working home to make it comfortable and easy for you to work. High speed internet is obviously a must!





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aus78625 1 year ago

Hi Jo,

I’m a seasoned digital nomad around Australia. Looks like an amazing place!

Great internet, views and an ergonomic working desk where we can BYO electronics is critical for digital nomads. A place that we can hire out for 1-6 months at a time is also ideal. However at roughly $11.5K per month you’ll only attract short stays as most digital nomads won’t pay anything more than $4K per month for a 4 bedroom home.

All the best!

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