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Greetings! Digital Nomad

My name is Chris. My wife Lesley and are I full-time digital nomads who alternate between travelling around North America in our 5th wheel trailer and travelling the world via airbnbs.

From August 2020 to November 2021 we toured Canada’s West coast in our RV. On Nov. 18 we left Ontario for Aruba. After Aruba we are headed to the Gulf Coast for 3 weeks and then to Costa Rica for 3 months.

We own a consulting company which gives us the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection. We’re excited to contribute to the digits nomad community. We are in a unique situation that allows us to nomad a little differently then most others we’ve met. You can see the places we’ve been on IG

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income2liberty 1 year ago

Hey Chris, I am Will. Nice to meet you. I try to find and follow your IG account but did did not succeed. Is the listed IG a/c correct?

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