Google Bard AI Chatbot Goes Live to Beta Users in the US and UK – Jorcus

Google Bard AI Chatbot Goes Live to Beta Users in the US and UK Tech

Google has launched its own Chat GPT rival called Bard. It is an AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions and hold conversations with users. It is now an open beta, which means anyone can sign up for access with a personal Gmail account. The initial launch of Bard will be limited to the US and the UK before being offered to potential users across the globe.

Have anyone tried it? I’m still waiting them to approve my waiting list.

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chriskoch 4 months ago

The launch of Bard marks an exciting development in the advancement of AI chatbots. With tech leaders like Google and Microsoft competing in this space, we can expect rapid improvements in the capabilities of conversational AI. However, as with any new technology, there will likely be challenges around issues like misinformation and data privacy. Responsible AI development should be the top priority. I’m curious to see how useful an AI assistant like Bard will really be compared to ChatGPT, and how Google will differentiate its chatbot. The AI space is clearly heating up right now with a lot of potential, but also many unknowns.

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