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Georgia 🇬🇪 Trip Report

A decent apartment can be obtained for $300-500 US. Past that food can be as cheap as a few dollars a day for bread, eggs and cheese up to $20-30 a day for expensive meals. A bolt ride will cost $1-2 anywhere in town while a metro ride is .16 each way!
I enjoy eating schwarma $3.00 and light snacks from local stores $1-3. I live in a $900 a month apartment that is like a palace. (Not needed here) but I am literally steps from a metro station. I spend about 1,000 – 1,200 per month on food for a family of 4 eating out every meal! We spend another 1,000 on extravagance items like clothing, entertainment and food.
By myself! Easy I could do $1,500. With wife and two western kids. No way!

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christopher-scott 1 year ago

I put food twice. I meant snack items that are outside of meals!

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