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Finding my way Digital Nomad

Alright here we go again…Back to my country after 5 amazing months in Colombia. My life in my country is really messed up. This is the second time i’m coming back home totally broke and failed Digital Nomad try.

It sucks but i’m not down, i’m motivated but I really need help with how to get going as a Digital Nomad. I do not know where to start.

I have tried some copywriting(no success) seemed really hard to get clients.

I have also tried some  other stuff but no real success and no money.

About me: No real skills with computers(like coding etc), I speak 3 languages(Spanish,English and Swedish), Social and happy guy.

What im looking for: Something that does not take more than 5-6 months to learn and pretty safe(not something that is very hard to get clients or dificult to get hired) and complete location independent.

All the best

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Fang Kiang Ng 7 months ago

Hi @simonzurroll, welcome to the community. it’s nice to meet you here. I think it’s a great adventure that you’re trying to become a digital nomad, and it’s something that a lot of people don’t get the chance to try.

However, it seems that you missed the most important thing to become a digital nomad is that you have to land a remote job first and becoming a digital nomad. It’s one of the safer way to become a digital nomad that able to afford you to travel at a same time.

Unfortunately, without any skills is almost impossible to land a remote job. Almost all of the remote jobs requires you at least to have some real skills to land a remote job. So, you have to learn something. 

I’m sure my app will help you in the future because I’m working on the remote job board and digital nomad community. Currently, I’m working on rebuilding this entire community with new code and it’s 30% left of the work. Once the community revamped, I’ll start release the remote job features. You will soon able to create your resume on our site. It could help you to reach more employers and I hope my direction is correct. But again, you must have the skills to land the remote job that companies looking for.

Disclaimer: I’m not a expert for career advice or any financial advice. But, it’s just my two cents.

WanderlustWagoner 5 months ago

You speak three languages, maybe you can teach English, Spanish or Swedish?

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