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Digital Nomadism Booms as Remote Work Takes Over Digital Nomad

Before the pandemic, many people could only dream of working from anywhere. But now, because of the pandemic, the office can be anywhere in the world.

Digital nomads work online and choose where they work from. They don’t stay in one place for long. Last year, almost 17 million Americans were digital nomads. This is a 131% increase from before the pandemic. Traditional employees have switched to fully remote work, so two-thirds of digital nomads are now traditional job holders. They work in different fields as long as they have a computer and reliable internet.

Some countries offer special visas for people to live and work there for up to five years, making it easier for people to become digital nomads. The third most popular location for digital nomads is Bangkok, Thailand, followed by London, Europe’s largest business city. In 2022, the most popular destination was Lisbon, Portugal. CBS News foreign correspondent Raymie Inocencio spent a day with a digital nomad in Lisbon.

Source: CBS News – Remote work sparks a surge in “digital nomads” | The Shifting Workplace

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