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Chris Curtis 1 year ago

Hi Fang, great to have a forum, I run an enterprise architecture business remotely and I’m creating another business about to launch with Enterprise-as-a-Service for Rebate Management and then launching “Better Than AI” Demand Forecasting. Both use three lots of Transformation-in-a-Day pattern to complete the automated install across a region of a global estate in three days or three sprints reducing typically two years into weeks.

Day One Automated business case uses corporation’s own figures to generate a 2000%+ return, giving full ROI in less than a month.

Day Two Uses a volumetric and sales order sample to prove the business case

Day Three extends the sample across the region fully automated

We launch in a few weeks the rebate management product. I designed and built it all this year.

How do I start a forum on this?


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)