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Are there any monitor stands that fold flat? Digital Nomad

Laptop screens I find are way too small. I have yet to see someone willingly choose a 15″ monitor for their desktop computer! There are powerful small form factor computers out there, whether the M1 Mac Mini or PC’s. And there are compact keyboards. The problem is the monitor we want to use. I could carry a 24″ or even a 27″ easily in a large bag. The problem is that stand that is so often awkwardly shaped. We need a collapsing stand, something that folds flat. I seem to recall IBM offering this in an old monitor so maybe its offered today. If the stand has a VESA mounting style (4 x 100 mm spacing) then you can get the right stand and use it with any monitor that also has VESA mounting and many do. The only other issue would be lighting if you do video calls but maybe a LED flashlight behind the camera with a diffuser would suffice and most people travel with a LED flashlight already. Of course the downside to this style of computer is its rather difficult
to use when in transit. Go to the bathroom and someone can steal
everything! So get a tablet for in transit use I guess or limp along
with your phone.

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techex 2 years ago

Perhaps something like this would work for you. -

Bobby2022 2 years ago

Yes, if the base detaches from the vertical support easily. But I suspect its bolted. Not that that’s bad but its just another tool I’ll have to lug around. I would want something that just folds flat. I’ll have to try to dig up that IBM monitor stand online to see how they did it. Its just not a feature that the manufacturer talks about generally. What kind of nutcase packs their monitor around with them? :) Not many! Also very few manufacturers show their monitor stand ready for packing! You definitely want VESA so you can use a monitor arm if available. Not sure if most monitors today of 27″ and larger, have VESA mounting holes. Surely they must. Otherwise you’ve got to use those gangly VESA adapter clamps which look very poorly designed. They should hold the monitor by the corners but they never seem to. All the ones I’ve seen look like this:

melhoops 2 years ago

In my research, I’ve found a very cool monitor option for digital nomads. It’s called the Espresso Display It’s definitely not the cheapest option (around $800 CAD for display and stand) but is the only monitor I can find that is specifically designed to be transported.

Bobby2022 2 years ago

$800? I was thinking of maybe 5 or 10 bucks. Thrift store prices. Where I saw the IBM one. I’m pretty sure it collapsed. Looked like this but I can’t see the back.

I don’t want a monitor. I want a 4×100 VESA mount stand that I can use with a myriad of monitors. Buy a specialized monitor and it breaks in transit or is stolen (easily possible) and then I’m out $800. Break a $50 – $80 22″ – 27″ monitor and I’m out $50 – $80. Stands rarely “break”. Though of course if your monitor gets stolen they probably won’t take apart the stand and leave it there!

I remember Dell also had an ingenious system where the stand had a squarish shaped plate with a notch in it. You place the back of the monitor on to the plate and it just clips in. It was very solid. Very well engineered. Now it doesn’t fold flat but all you’d need to do is unscrew the bolt(s) holding the spine of the stand to the base. Then you’d have 2 pieces, both flat. Problem solved. Takes a minute to setup but not the end of the world. And it could be used without the stand just leaning the monitor against something or on a box if you’re at the airport or stuck in transit somewhere for a few hours (or days!). This may be a much better solution than the IBM monitor above as that requires 4 bolts to be anchored in each time its set up. Both types have height adjustment which should be the first requirement as well if you value your back/ergonomics at all.

One problem is if your hotel doesn’t have any WiFi or if you want to find faster WiFi at the local coffee shop. You’re not going to be lugging this equipment around to coffee shops. But I bet that is occurring less and less these days. Though the people in Puerto Escondido may disagree with that! Or just have a tablet for mobile locations. I wouldn’t want to work very long on a laptop anyways though if you had an external keyboard you could raise the laptop up so the monitor is at a comfortable height.

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