Tokelau Info

As you travel through the South Pacific, you may come across a group of islands called Tokelau. At first, you might assume that Tokelau is part of New Zealand, since Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand and most maps tend to lump all the islands of this region together. However, while Tokelau belongs to New Zealand, it’s not a part of it . In fact, Tokelau is about 2,500 kilometers (1,553 miles) away from New Zealand, which is about as far away from New Zealand as it is from Italy.

🌍 Continent Oceania
🏰 Capital Atafu,Tokelau
πŸ’΅ Currency NZD
😊 Population 1,499 People
πŸ“ Area 10 kmΒ²
πŸ“ž Calling Code +690
🌐 Internet Domain .tk
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Tokelau Map