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The remote hustle: How to find and secure new clients while working and traveling as a digital nomad.

Last Updated on 21 May 2023

As a digital nomad, your ability to work remotely is one of your greatest strengths. However, finding and securing new clients while on the move can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies for building your client base while traveling the world.

1. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a powerful tool for building your brand and connecting with potential clients. Create a professional profile on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, and share updates about your work and travels. Use relevant hashtags to increase your visibility and engage with other users in your industry.

Make sure to keep your profiles up-to-date with your latest work and projects. Share your successes and milestones, and don’t be afraid to show off your personality and interests. This will help you stand out from the crowd and attract the right kind of clients.

2. Attend networking events

Networking events are a great way to meet new people and build relationships with potential clients. Look for events related to your industry in the cities you’re visiting and make an effort to attend. Bring business cards and be prepared to talk about your work and what you can offer.

When attending networking events, focus on building genuine connections with people. Don’t just try to sell your services – instead, try to learn about their work and interests, and see if there’s any way you can help them. This will help you build a strong network of contacts who can refer you to new clients and opportunities.

3. Leverage your existing network

Don’t forget about the people you already know! Reach out to former colleagues, clients, and friends to let them know about your current projects and availability. They may be able to refer you to new clients or even hire you themselves.

When reaching out to your existing network, be clear about what you’re looking for. Let them know what kind of work you’re interested in and what your availability is like. Be polite and professional, and don’t be pushy or demanding. Remember, they’re doing you a favor by referring you to new clients, so be grateful for any help they can offer.

4. Collaborate with other digital nomads

There’s strength in numbers! Collaborating with other digital nomads can help you expand your reach and find new clients. Consider partnering with other freelancers or joining a coworking space to connect with like-minded professionals.

When collaborating with other digital nomads, make sure to choose partners who share your values and work ethic. Look for people who have complementary skills and experience, and who are also looking to grow their client base. By working together, you can share resources, ideas, and contacts, and help each other succeed.

5. Offer value before asking for business

When reaching out to potential clients, focus on offering value before asking for their business. Share your expertise and offer helpful advice, and be genuine in your desire to help them succeed. By building trust and establishing yourself as a valuable resource, you’ll be more likely to win their business in the long run.

When offering value to potential clients, make sure to tailor your approach to their specific needs and interests. Do your research and learn as much as you can about their business and industry. Offer insights and ideas that are relevant and actionable, and show that you’re invested in their success.

6. Be flexible and adaptable

As a digital nomad, you need to be flexible and adaptable in your approach to finding new clients. Be open to new opportunities and willing to try different strategies. Don’t be afraid to pivot if something isn’t working, and always be on the lookout for new ways to grow your business.

When trying new strategies, make sure to track your results and measure your success. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn from your mistakes. Remember, finding new clients is a process, and it takes time and effort to build a successful business.

7. Prioritize your existing clients

While it’s important to focus on finding new clients, don’t forget about the ones you already have! Prioritize your existing clients and make sure you’re delivering high-quality work that meets their needs. Happy clients are more likely to refer you to others and provide repeat business.

When working with existing clients, make sure to communicate regularly and keep them updated on your progress. Be responsive to their needs and feedback, and make sure to deliver your work on time and within budget. By building strong relationships with your existing clients, you can create a stable and reliable source of income that will support your business as you continue to grow.


In conclusion, finding and securing new clients as a digital nomad requires a combination of strategy, creativity, and persistence. By leveraging social media, attending networking events, collaborating with other freelancers, and prioritizing your existing clients, you can build a successful business while traveling the world. Remember to stay flexible and adaptable, and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to grow your client base. Happy hustling!

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