WordPress Security Care Plans

Let Us Protect, Monitor, Update Plugins, and Back Up Your WordPress Site from Malicious Attacks

What Is Included?

☁️ Cloud Backups
🔒 Installing SSL Certificate
👹 Brute Force Protection
🚪 Custom Login URL
🔄 Vulnerability Monitoring
🌀 Limit login attempts

🛡️ Database Protection
🔥 Install a WP Firewall
🐞 Block Fake Google Crawlers
🔐 Security Headers Setup
✏️ Disable WordPress file editing
🛑 Restrict XML-RPC

🔎 Virtual patching and Malware Prevention
⚠️ 24/7 Security Monitoring
🚧 IP Tracking
⛔ Disable directory browsing
🔥 Hardening WordPress

WordPress Security Services

🛡️ Hacker and Malware Protection

We included the Premium WordPress Firewall for you. You’ll save 💰 $15/month with our subscription, you don’t need to pay extra for it. It’s one of the most advanced endpoint firewall that we have tested in the WordPress ecosystem. It’s also the firewall that I’m currently using it to protect my own websites.

🔄 Update Vulnerable Themes/Plugins 🔄

One of the best strategies to prevent websites being hacked by hackers is regular update WordPress plugins. The hacker often uses automation tools to attack thousands to million websites.

Once a WordPress plugin has vulnerability, the hacker will use that vulnerability randomly to attack all the sites. If you’re unlucky, don’t update the plugin in time. Your site will have higher risks of getting hacked. To prevent it, we will automatically update all the plugins that have known vulnerability and we do frequently update known vulnerability plugins manually once it detect from our server.

WordPress Security Care Plans

Hire Us To Protect Your Websites Now!


$40 $15/mo

Billed Quarterly

(Limited Time Offer!)

✔️ All Services mentioned above included
✔️ Security Optimization and Enhancement
✔️ Premium WP Firewall (Saved USD15/Month)
✔️ 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
✔️ 24/7 Security Monitoring
✔️ Daily Vulnerability Plugin Updates (Exclusive)
✔️ 1 Site
✔️ 1 x Weekly Offsite Backup (Google Drive)
✔️ 0.5 GB Website Size of Full Backup
✔️ Good for a brochure website


$60 $20/mo

Billed Quarterly

(Limited Time Offer!)

✔️ All Services mentioned above included
✔️ Security Optimization and Enhancement
✔️ Premium WP Firewall (Saved USD15/Month)
✔️ 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
✔️ 24/7 Security Monitoring
✔️ Daily Vulnerability Plugin Updates (Exclusive)
✔️ 1 Site
✔️ 1 x Daily Offsite Backup (Google Drive)
✔️ 2 GB Website Size of Full Backup
✔️ Unlimited Malware Clean Up

Do You Clean Up Malware?

Malware is a serious issue for any website, and the great news is that anyone on our Pro Plan get malware removal included in their plans.

There is no technology that are guarantee 100% risk-free. Our service is to always proactive approach to your WordPress website, with all our measure to keep your site away from hackers.

Prevention is always better than cure.
Prevention Is Better Than Cure Jorcus

If you are so unlucky, your website has been hacked. Don’t worry, we clean it up if you subscribe to our Pro Plan or any higher plan that includes malware clean up. We will scan through your site and clean it up manually. We will clear out all malware and check the site for any potential future vulnerable areas such as outdated themes and/or plugins with known vulnerabilities.

If your are subscription didn’t have malware clean up included, then you may need to pay for extra to get your site clean up. Our rate is about USD 149 per clean up. Why not save your money by subscribing to our Pro Plan?

How Does It Work?

1. Sign Up on any Package
2. Send the Login Credential to US by using this WP Security Form.
3. That’s all, we will do the rest.
Wordpress Security Service Procedures

Why You Need WordPress Security Service?

WordPress sites need monitoring, protecting and backup/restore applications in order to run effectively over time and our service covered all of that. 

I know You are…
✔️ Too Busy Generating More Profits
✔️ Don’t Have Enough Time
✔️ Don’t Have Web Experts
✔️ Are Worried About Getting Hacked
✔️ Don’t Have Proper Website Backups

Is 0.5GB Enough To Backup My Site?

The 0.5 GB Cloud Storage is more than enough for most websites. We will store your website back up at our cloud storage. If your site back up using more than 0.5 GB, you may consider upgrade to another plan.

For E-Commerce site, we would recommend you go for Pro Plan.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, you can ask for a 2 weeks trial for your website.

What did you include on Trial plan?
✔️ 1 month Paid Premium WordPress Firewall (USD 15/month)
✔️ Security optimization and enhancement
✔️ Daily Vulnerability Plugin Updates (Exclusive)
✔️ Weekly Core & Plugin Updates
✔️ 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
✔️ 24/7 Security Monitoring
✔️ Virtual patching and Malware Prevention
✔️ Disable directory browsing
✔️ Limit login attempts
✔️ Custom Login URL
✔️ Security Headers Setup
✔️ Disable WordPress file editing
✔️ Restrict XML-RPC

Please note that backup is only available for Standard or Pro Plan.

Which Plan is Right for You?

Standard Plan
Standard plan are good for brochure websites that doesn’t consistency change the contents. If anything wrong happened, we can recover the site by using the back up without needs of malware clean up.

This plan is also good for those people who are just starting their business or websites.

Pro Plan
Pro Plan are good for sites that are consistently change such as growing websites, community websites, Blogging websites, or E-Commerce websites. This is because we back up the site more frequently and have a larger Offsite Back Up Storage. You will also get unlimited malware clean up for this plan too.

What Happens if I Don’t Renew?

It’s sad to hear. If you choose not to renew after it. Your site will no longer protected, monitored, back up by us.

The plugins we installed will remain on your sites, plugins license will be cancelled. So, you won’t get any updates on them anymore. This is because some plugins that we used are paid by annually and some based on numbers of sites we used.

What Do I Need To Secure My WP site?

If you aren’t that busy and want to protect your websites by yourself, but didn’t know how to start. Here is my simple guide to get started.

1. Host Your Site on Good Hosting Provider. (I recommend Cloudways)
2. Install Premium Firewall (We use WebArx Security to Protect Your site)
3. Hardening Your Site (Security Header Configuration, Custom Login URL. Brute Force Protection, Disable Directory Browsing, etc…)
4. Website Environment Check (Upgrade PHP version to minimum PHP 7.0. Force HTTPs, SSL intallation)
5. Setup Off-Site Back Up (We use WPvivid Backup Pro to do Off-Site Back Up to Our Google Drive with Encrypted Database)
6. Consistently Back Up Your Site (Recommend At Least Doing Off-Site Back Up Once a Week)
7. Keep Updating Your Plugins/Themes (Weekly)
8. Keep Monitoring Your Own Site (Recommend at least once a week)
9. Keep Learning New WordPress Security Best Practices.
10. Keep Checking If the Auto Back Up is Completed without Failed and Stored Correctly to Google Drive. (Check it Once a Week)

If you are so unfortunate, your site is infected by malware and you don’t know what to do. Feel free to contact us to get help. Our rate is USD 149 per clean up.

If you think that it’s not worth wasting your time to protect your site by yourself, you can outsource it to us. Let us to protect and monitor your site with just a simple steps.

1. Sign Up For Standard/Pro Plan
2. Then, We will do the rest. Peace of mind

For best results, I would recommend you considered of using a good hosting provider (CloudWays) on your site and use strong passphrass.

Why You Need This Service?

We know that you all are business people who are too busy on generating profits with your business.

If you think that your site is not popular and will never get hacked, then you might be wrong.

The hackers aren’t attacking the sites manually. They built automation tools that attack all the websites across the internet. Once your site is live on internet, your site is most likely to get attack.

A website is a storefront of your company, it’s something that represents your brand and your company. Securing your site is not only to keep your business data secure it’s also securing the customers and their money and data.

When potential customers enter your website, if they want to purchase something. The first consideration will not about your product or price, but will check if the website is secure.

This is especially important when you can buy stuffs on an e-commerce website.

Protecting your website can completely protect your business data, and your customers and their money and data.

Do You Fix Bug on WordPress site?

Yes, we do. Please check out our WordPress Bug Fixes Service.


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