WordPress Security Service (Standard Plan)

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$99.00 for each 1 year

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WordPress Security Service

Let Us Protect Your WordPress Site from Malicious Attacks

Potential Customers Check Website Secure before Making any Purchase

When potential customers enter your website, if they want to purchase something. The first consideration will not about your product or price, but will check if the website is secure.

This is especially important when you can buy stuffs on an e-commerce website.

Protecting your website can completely protect your business data, and your customers and their money and data.

Why You Need Security Service?

We know that you all are business people who are too busy on generating profits with your business. If you think that your site will never get hacked, then you might be wrong.

The hackers aren’t attacking the sites manually.They built automation tools that attack all the websites across the internet. Once your site is live on internet, your site is most likely to get attack.

A website is a storefront of your company, it’s something that represents your brand and your company. Securing your site is not only to keep your business data secure it’s also securing the customers and their money and data.

Although not all the site there are no 100% security. But prevention is always better than cure.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure Jorcus

What Is Included?

☁️ Daily Cloud Backups
🔒 SSL Certificate
👹 Brute Force Protection
🚪 Custom Login URL
🔄 Vulnerability Monitoring
🌀 Limit login attempts

🛡️ Database Protection
🔥 Install a Firewall
🐞 Block Fake Google Crawlers
🔐 Security Headers
✏️ Disable WordPress file editing
🛑 Disable XML-RPC

🔎 Virtual patching and Malware Prevention
⚠️ 24/7 Security Monitoring
🚧 IP Tracking
⛔ Disable directory browsing
🔥 Hardening WordPress

Jorcus WordPress Security Service

🛡️ Hacker and Malware Protection

We will monitor and protect your website by using premium WordPress Security plugin. You’ll save 💰 $180/Year with This subscription, you don’t need to pay extra for the plugin, we included this for you. It’s one of the most advanced endpoint firewall that we have tested in the WordPress ecosystem. It’s also the tool that I’m currently using it to protect my websites.

🔄 Automate Update Vulnerable Themes/Plugins 🔄

One of the best strategy to prevent website being hacked by hackers is regular update WordPress plugins. The hacker often uses automation tools to attack thousands to million websites.

Once a WordPress plugin has vulnerability, the hacker will use that vulnerability randomly to attack all the sites. If you’re unlucky, didn’t update the plugin in time. Your site will have higher risks to get hacked. To prevent it, we will automatically update all the plugin that have known vulnerability.

WordPress Security Package

Yearly Plan



✔️ All features above included
✔️ 1 Site
✔️ 1 GB Storage Offsite Backup
✔️ 1 x Daily Backup



✔️ All features above included
✔️ 1 Site
✔️ 5 GB Storage Offsite Backup
✔️ 3 x Daily Backup
✔️ Unlimited Malware Clean Up Guarantee

WordPress Security Service Questions

How Does It Work?

Wordpress Security Service Procedures

1 review for WordPress Security Service (Standard Plan)

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    Keren Lugasi
    20 May 2020
    excellent and fast service
    i'm so relived - my web site was hacked and google...More
    i'm so relived - my web site was hacked and google was not letting my visitors go through .... this was fixed very quickly - i'm super happy now !!! thank you !!!!
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WordPress Security Service (Standard Plan)

$99.00 for each 1 year