WordPress Malware Removal Service

100% Removal Guarantee – 30 Days Covered

About The Service

WordPress site was compromised?
Let us remove malware from your WordPress website and enhance security.

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Detailed Scan Your Website

First, we will start a in-depth scan over your site files and database. Then, we manually check the WordPress core files like xmlrpc.php, .htaccess and wp-config.php to ensure there are free of nasty scripts.

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Security Hardening

Once the malware and malicious has been removed. We will enhance your site security to avoid any further attacks from hackers on your site.

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Blacklist Removal

If Google blacklisted your site and warned visitors from visiting your site. We will help take all the steps to make sure your site remove from the Google blacklist as soon as possible.

Malware Removal Service

USD 149

One Time Payment

✔️ 100% Removal Guarantee
✔️ 30 Days Guarantee Covered
✔️ Free 30 Days Premium WP Firewall Protection
✔️ Free Blacklists Removal
✔️ Security Enhancements & Fixes
✔️ Manual Sensitive Files Inspection & Cleanup

How Long Does it Takes to Clean Up Malware?

In most case, we clean the site within 6 hours after you send us your WordPress login credentials. Please ping us on chat to make sure we are available for clean up. Otherwise, it may take about 24 hours.

How Does It Work?

1. Sign Up for the service
2. Send Your WordPress site and Web Hosting login credential by replying the invoice you received from us email. Or click here
3. Then We will Do the Rest.

What Happened if Hackers Returned?

If you are using shared hosting or you have other sites on the same server that get infected by malware. There is possibilities that your site will get compromised again even after full site clean up.

To avoid your site that get infected again, we offered 30 Days Malware Removal Guarantee and 30 Days Free Premium WordPress Firewall to your site. If your site infected by malware again within the guarentee period, we will clean it up at no cost.

If you’d like to migrate your site to another hosting company, feel free to look at our WordPress Migration Service.

How Do I Know If My site get Hacked?

To know whether your site are being hacked, there are a few things you might need to check.

1. Does your website suddenly have high server usage?
2. Does your site have weird JavaScript scripts loaded.
3. Does your site have spammy links all over your sites.
4. Does Your site Redirects To Spammy/Unwanted Sites.

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