Lazy Load Adsense Plugin

Google AdSense slowing down your WordPress site?
No worries, use our plugin to get your page speed back with just a few clicks!

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Before Using Our Plugin

In this experiment, we are using the traditional adsense plugin to place adsense code to our site. Unfortunately, our website page speed score dropped from 100% to 61% on mobile device after placing the adsense code.

Lazy Load Adsense script and improve page speed

Our Results

After replacing traditional adsense plugin to our lazy load adsense plugin. We restored our page speed score back to 100%, even with the adsense code running on our site. You can test the result on our live site at here.

improve page speed core with lazy load adsense plugin for core vitals

Automate Your Ads Placement

You don’t need to place the ads manually by yourself. All you need is to go to your AdSense account to get your data-ad-client id and save it on our lazy load AdSense plugin settings. The ads will automatically place for you.

Lazy Load Adsense Plugin

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One Time Payment

✔️ Unlimited Websites
✔️ Future Updates
✔️ 3 Months Support

What is Lazy Load Adsense Plugin actually does?

If you are using traditional adsense plugin to install your adsense script, or place the adsense script directly to your website. You may notice that your WordPress website page speed score is drastically going down.

In this plugin, we use a combination technique of both delayed loading and lazy load of the Google AdSense script. When you use our plugin to place Google Adsense script, it will not affect your page speed score.

Why is this plugin is not FREE?

Initially, we planned to publish it for free. But if we publish it for free, everyone can use it. In this way, you have no competitive advantage over your competitors for new SEO best practice benchmarks (Core Vitals).

Does your lazy load adsense plugin works on manual ads?

Lazy load adsense plugin are currently only support for auto ads placement.

How many websites can I use?

We don't limit how many websites you use our plugin. As long as you are using our plugin on your own sites.

If you are using our plugin on your client site. This means you already made money through our plugin. It would be great if you buy me a coffee for every customer you close.

Or you can ask them to buy our plugin directly from us and you earned commissions from our affiliate program.


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