My Portfolio

Over the years, I’ve taken and completed over a few hundred online course including free and paid one. I started from the basics web design and development to the advanced level like deep learning, artificial intelligence, self-driving car, robotics and I even worked as a mentor and code/project reviewer of these topics. It’s all just started from a hobbies then I started to take clients every once in a while.

Jorcus Me

What Am I Doing Now?

Mostly I’m working with the project of web design and development with WordPress. You can hire me to build you an awesome high-quality website for you. If you already have one, can consider of hire me taking care of your WordPress website security or speed up your WP site which I’m extremely good at.

Now, I’m focusing on making online course, writing tutorials, making video training regarding of a few topics like software development, WordPress, Programming and many more. In the future, I might sharing some additional information tips like digital nomads and traveling.

My Skillset covered
Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Python and PHP.
ML/DL/AI/Robotics: C++, Python, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Keras, Computer Vision
Data Analysis: SQL and Python
Cloud Developing: AWS
Database: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Server: Ubuntu, Kali Linux, CentOS

What I have studied:
Fundamental Android with Java, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Basic PhotoShop/illustrator

and more in my GitHub