List Of All Passive Income Ideas Jorcus

List Of All Passive Income Ideas You Should Know

There are several types of income we had in our real life today. Active income is the most common income we have today. With active income, we use our active effort to earn the income including wages, tips, salaries and commissions. This is what most people do for a living.

But what if that you can still make money while sleeping? Sound great right? To achieve that, building a passive income is the most essential things you need to do. The most common example of passive income is renting out your property and get paid monthly without actively participate.

Many peoples think passive income is an income that you don’t need to do anything but you still receiving the income, but mostly you still required to invest a little time. A passive income doesn’t mean that you need not do anything, but it means that it gives you more flexibility than active income. Related: The Myth Of Passive Income You Should Know

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. YouTube Channel

3. Blogging

4. E-book

5. Property Investment

6. Property Renting

7. AirBnB

8. Online Course (Teachable/Udemy)

9. Patreon

10. Selling Stock Photos/Videos

11. Stock/Share Investment

12. Vending Machine

13. Car Rental

14. Cashback Site

15. Music Licensing

16. Invest on Business and Become Silent Partner

17. Outsource Your Business

18. AudioBook

19. Google Adsense

20. DropShipping