Northern Mariana Islands Info

Northern Mariana Islands is the second largest of the Mariana Islands located in the western Pacific Ocean and is a commonwealth of the US. Its indigenous people are called Chamorros and after the Spanish sailors the Spanish word Chamorro is also used to describe the people. Northern Mariana Islands includes 15 islands and islets which are divided into the western islands and the eastern islands. The western islands includes Saipan and Aguijan while the eastern islands include Farallon de Pajaros, Anatahan, Alamagan, Agrihan, Pagan, Sarigan, Guguan and Silaumg.

🌍 Continent Oceania
🏰 Capital Saipan
💵 Currency USD
😊 Population 57,216 People
📏 Area 464 km²
📞 Calling Code +1
🌐 Internet Domain .mp
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Northern Mariana Islands Map