Marshall Islands Info

The Marshall Islands are part of Micronesia, which is the general term for a number of islands that stretch across a large expanse of the Pacific Ocean. As the Bikini Atoll's name suggests, much of the Marshall Islands was once occupied by the U.S. government for nuclear weapons testing, and the legacy of this sad chapter in the country's history is still evident. But today, the islands' pristine beaches are a magnet for surfers, adventurers, and scuba divers alike, and the Marshall Islands are hoping to turn this attention to their advantage.

🌍 Continent Oceania
🏰 Capital Majuro
💵 Currency USD
😊 Population 58,791 People
📏 Area 181 km²
📞 Calling Code +692
🌐 Internet Domain
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🛡️ Best Travel Insurance SafetyWing
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Marshall Islands Map