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Underground Level Designer

Unreal Engine open-world mapping

You are an Underground Level Designer who can take old-school puzzle designs, that influence the deep dark Pits of our futuristic FPS game. Our Pits are a paradoxical plight into a hellish wasteland nexus. Banished from the main game above, you find yourself perplexed, lost in a labyrinth of mazes and dilemmas, riddled with possible solutions. Teamwork allows a faster escape. Beware of the enemy hunters and the Pit creatures!

The twists? To escape the Pit, you might just cooperate with your enemies! But do you trust them? How do we do that? Bridges, and stand-on buttons for 2-or more players, to help the other. What else can you think of? Our Pit needs more skill-based, and puzzle-based development involved (and we’ve done this with our narrowing pathways and tunnels, it just needs more) then our Pits would function better for repeated visits, somewhat difficult and confusing, even after you’ve learned it. 

Do you like dark dingy places with creepy audio? Are you a whizz with secrets, puzzle gameplay, and multiple ‘Half-Life’ type solutions? We need your help with our underground Pits. The confusing places where players are banished into these lower realms. We prototyped and designed these concepts, now we need someone to dress them up. Part 3D, part level design strategy. Part puzzle master, part tricky designer, someone to make people think and puzzle over the possible and changing solutions. Even after they think they’ve mastered it, it must confound them, turn them around and confuse even the sharpest gamers. If you haven’t seen enough glowing mushrooms, dripping ooze, and secret passages, with tricky puzzles needing solutions, then this is for you!

Your goal is to bring out the best in this design. Experienced in Unreal Engine 4 and 3D modeling for video game environmental level design, you will be a productive developer who excels at daily progress and testing. Taking our level layouts and pit designs and turning them into outstanding experiences designed for both visual wow and replayability. You have a passion for working on level design and creating environments the player can experience in awe. Your goal is to make memorable areas, to focus players, while also allowing them to explore anywhere and find all of the beautiful details that we build together, having it perform well.

You will work remotely. You will track your time. You set forward your hourly rate and currency of choice. You will begin part-time. You will go full-time after 3 months. We are seeking a Pit Designer for Contract work.

We are a dedicated team of professionals. We’ve got a playable prototype and now we need to grow the team to hit our milestones regularly.


Plan out routes, puzzles, and level-dressing

Pre-Alpha contains 3-full pits and 1-training pit to complete

Show regular weekly progress

Key Duties

Planning, and presenting underground level flow

Creating puzzles, paths, and blockages with various solutions

Developing our underground pits


1-Pit route designed and developed for 3-playable maps

2-Pit routes designed and developed for 3-playable maps

3+ Pit routes completed for 3 playable maps


Experience with Subversion (version control software)

Experience with Unreal Engine-level development

Experience with puzzle-based underground-level design.

Key Traits:

Honest and accurate assumptions

Ability to block out and test designs

Ability to polish and produce triple-A content

About the Position above

You embody a love and passion for working in entertainment that is truly good for gamers. You work remotely. You track your own time. You will begin part-time. After a 3-month trial period, you may go full-time, continually paid up to 40-to-50 hours a week at any time as proven and required at the company’s discretion. IMU Studios Inc. is in a growth phase, seeking various roles for contract work.

About the Game

Our cinematic open-world hero shooter video game takes place on Nebulous Prime, a small planet in the beautiful Stellar Jewel Box nebula. Filled with playable stories, meaningful quests, arenas, and game challenges. Allowing players to freely explore and discover all of the beautiful details as revealed. TEAM IMU creates environments that players can experience in awe, all built on the visual power and performance of the Unreal Engine.

About the Company

IMU Studios creates refreshing experiences for gamers. Thrilling, fun adventures that shake the foundations of the industries we enter. We have assembled a team of video game underdogs, all hungry to be the next heroes. Together we are pushing everything to be more exciting!

IMU Studios was founded when game developer Robert Strutin’s market research revealed fresh opportunities in the video game industry, crossing market lines of gameplay and revenue models. Our home studio is nestled in the beautiful, inspiring mountains of British Columbia, Canada, with active Team Members contributing worldwide. Our expert team of game developers and artists are truly passionate about their craft and producing profound entertainment experiences. We create exhilarating video games that enrich your life and empower you as a player. 

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Email: [email protected]


To apply for this job email your details to derickmungahu@imustudios.com

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