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Backend Developer (Java+Vert.X)

💼 Full Time
🌎 Argentina, Belize, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

We are looking for a Back-end developer with strong knowledge about Java and Vert.x.

Core responsibilities:

• Programming data storage services: You will be responsible for developing and

maintaining robust and efficient data storage services, ensuring data availability and


• Managing database connections: You are expected to manage connections with

PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis databases, ensuring optimal performance and

constant availability.

• Developing authentication and authorisation services with JWT: You will be in charge of

creating secure and effective authentication and authorisation services using JSON Web

Tokens (JWT).

• Optimising SQL queries: You will work to optimise SQL queries to maximise the

performance and efficiency of the PostgreSQL database.

• Programming MongoDB aggregations for statistics: You will develop and maintain

complex aggregations in MongoDB to generate useful and meaningful statistics.

• Creating REST endpoints: You will design and develop RESTful endpoints to facilitate

interaction with frontend services.

• Connecting with blockchains using web3j: You will utilize the web3j library to interact

with Ethereum-based blockchains, including sending transactions, signing them, and

querying event logs.

• Deploying services in the cloud with CI/CD using Docker and K8S: You will be responsible

for deploying and maintaining services in the cloud using Continuous

Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices in Docker containers and


Experience and technical knowledge:

• At least 3 years of development experience.

• Knowledge of Java.

• At least 1 year of experience in development with Vert.x.

• Understanding of concurrency concepts and development of highly scalable systems.

• Experience in designing, building, and maintaining backend services in the Cloud,

Kubernetes, or Docker.

• Programming of processes that run asynchronously and highly concurrently.

• Experience with databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.

• Experience deploying applications in containers using Docker and container

orchestration using Kubernetes.

• Experience in event monitoring, log analysis, and problem-solving in a production


• Experience in developing smart contracts on Ethereum.

• Experience using enterprise application design patterns such as: MVC, Singleton, and


• Experience in developing RESTful APIs, including designing endpoints,

version handling, and adherence to the best standards and practices.

• Knowledge of reactive programming.

• Experience deploying middleware on infrastructure using Linux.

Bonus Knowledge:

• Knowledge of blockchain.

• Knowledge of integration with legacy user repository systems (Active Directory, LDAP,


• Ability to work autonomously and in a team and to handle multiple tasks


Language and location:

• We work in Spanish and English, so at least one language is necessary. Both

are a plus.

• We work decentralised and remotely

• Candidates based in LATAM

About us

Blerify Inc. is a startup spinning off the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and

LACChain. Our founding team combines world class industry experts in strategy, legal, and

finance with the core technical team that has lead over 30 blockchain projects in Latin

America and the Caribbean from the IDB and LACChain since 2017, including tokenisation of the first bond with legal compliance in LATAM; development of the first quantum-resistant blockchain; enable SSI-based verifiable credentials for IDs, health certificates and diplomas; and improve the traceability of trade, supply chains, and procurement processes; among several others.

Through our previous roles, each of us has learnt the potential and contributed to the use

of blockchain technology, digital wallets, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies to create a

borderless world where people own their credentials, data, and assets. The new digital asset

age is emerging fast and we are already witnessing a new generation of applications and

platforms that begin to incorporate all these elements with aggregated value.


Our Culture

At Blerify, we’re more than just a tech company. Our mission is to tear down bureaucratic

barriers and pave the way for a digital world prioritising human sovereignty. As a team

of passionate tech enthusiasts, we constantly redefine the boundaries of the possible.

Professionalism and diplomacy are not just buzzwords; they are the principles that guide

our every interaction and decision. But what truly sets us apart is our culture of inclusivity

and collaboration.

Regardless of the organisational structure, every Blerify member is a part of the same

ambitious vision. Here, your unique perspective isn’t just welcomed – it’s actively sought.

We value the uniqueness and special skills that every team member brings to the table, and

we are committed to harnessing these to drive our mission forward. And as we strive for

market domination and regulatory compliance, our enduring goal remains – to leverage

technology to drive lasting, positive change.

This inclusive, ambitious, and dynamic culture is the true embodiment of the way we work.


We offer a competitive mix of salary and equity options, ensuring you share in our success, reflecting our appreciation for your unique skills and dedication.


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