JavaScript Refactoring

Learn To Write Better Code like a Senior Developer

I still remember many years back, I was starting from web development as a beginner. I go to the google and search for many online course to learn web development.

I start my journey with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, Java. I tried to attend as many online course as I as I can. Then, I start to leant a lot of frameworks D3.js, gulp, grunt, jasmine, jQuery, knockout.js, backbone.js and many more likes everybody thinks all this framework that a junior must learn when moving towards to a senior.

At the moment, I thought the more framework I know to be a senior developer as I know so many programming languages in my first few years. So, I keep chasing for more and more framework and more and more keep burning out like react.js. However, chasing through the framework doesn’t make you a great developer.

I was frustrated because I find nowhere to learn to improve my coding skills. So, I start helping someone when they face problem, I giving a handout. At the moment I’ve learnt a ton.

I find that, there are not much resources that specific on coding quality. So, here’s where I started. As I learned so much of thing during these years. I think they should share it among with others to make this community better.

Here’s the reason I did this online course.

I junior developer only write things work.

A senior developer write things work as well as it opmitized with future developer, performance, easily maintain and high readability.

Enrolling this course, you are taking a big footstep towards a great developer! After complete this course, people who are writing a WTF code will transform into a better coder! They will feel proud of their high-quality code by savings others developer times to understand their code.

What is this Course For?

As a developer, the hardest thing probably keep it in simple. Keeping things simple are always the best way to optimize anything. In this course, we will train to learn about how to write a clean code as a complete beginner. You will learn about JavaScript refactoring starting from basics to advanced topics – We will also shows you the common mistakes, must-know tips, loops optimization etc.

Are you ready for fast-track your career? Save yourself the years of struggle.

Who is this course for?

  • Developers who want to write JavaScript that intend to write a better code.
  • Both intermediate and novice developers
  • People that need ideas on improving code quality
  • Anyone who want to become well coder and that want to write simpler code

P/S: I’m a big fan of the online course, I enrolled for at least 80 online courses and finished a numerous course including paid and free version. I understand that what peoples want to achieve and what’s peoples don’t like as in an online course

Enroll to the course to get:

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  • Video Resolutions Up To 4K
  • Real-World Examples
  • Learn A Your Own Pace
  • Watch On Any Devices
  • Over 30 lectures, Quizzes & Contents
  • Watch Online in Any Time
  • Able To Differentiate Good and Bad Code
  • Get Closer to Senior Developer
  • To Become Better Coder
  • Learn To Write Professional Code
  • Lifetime Access To The Course
  • All Future Updates To The Course

Are you ready to take your JavaScript skills to the next level?


Road To Better Developer

Everyone Have the Chance to Become better developer . Why not give your self a chance?