Avoid Theft And Pickpockets While Traveling
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  1. Use hidden wallet and RFID blocking wallet
  2. Keep distance and be alert
    Many thefts are not working alone, some theft will make distraction on you and then took your belongings. Be alert and keep distance when stranger getting closer to you.
  3. Divide money into different places
    Never bring over 300 USD cash when traveling, use credit/debit card as much as possible. If you have to bring more than that, please divide your money into difference places. Never put everything inside one basket, in case if your are unlucky being stolen, you still have the backup money there.
  4. Money belt
  5. Keep your belongings in hotel/hostel locker
  6. Use anti-theft bag
    The best anti-theft bag is mostly included with slash-proof fabric and locking zippers.
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