Is Jorcus built using a no-code or low-code platform?

No code platforms help organizations to build enterprise applications by using pre-built blocks of functions and business logic called applets. They are usually used to build mobile and web apps. It offers drag-and-drop functionality to design and prototype your application.

This might reduce the need to code and allow us to quickly implement our ideas for quickly getting up and running with a basic application, but they don’t really allow us to dig deeper and customize things to fit our business or brand. No-code and low-code platforms can be excellent for building a simple application, but for more complex or unique applications, a custom solution is often required.

Since our plan to build the app is going beyond what a normal app can go beyond. We decided not to use any no code or low code platforms to build our Jorcus app because they do not provide the flexibility to build a complex app like Jorcus. This is where Jorcus comes into play by empowering developers with a single code base to build several types of apps for different platforms.

Jorcus app is powered by several programming languages like PHP, Python, Swift, Java, C# and so on for different purposes. And yes, we use WordPress as our backend too.