How much does it cost to run Jorcus?

A good developer doesn’t come cheap, it usually costs at least 100-200k USD/year. Hiring someone from a top university would cost even more. The average compensation for a FAANG company recruiting a junior or recent graduate developer from a is around 200k USD/year. Usually after 1-2 years in FAANG company, salary usually jumps from 200k to 300k if promoted.

Consider we’re developing apps that support the web, android, iOS, and Windows. Since we use different tech stacks for different platforms. It would take at least five engineers to build it. That would cost us 5 x engineers 200k/year if we hire them. Does not include whether we hired the wrong people or invested heavily in recruiting.

But since our founder has a background of dealing with multiple programming languages and multiple platforms. It saved us a lot of money on building it and we are building it based on WordPress. It saved us a lot of money when building it, and we build it on WordPress, so we don’t have to build our backend from scratch.

Marketing isn’t cheap either. If we place an ad on Google and Facebook. It can cost USD 0.5 – 5 per click, sometimes lower, sometimes higher. If we target the wrong people, the money will just burst. Even using free social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to promote our products. It needs someone specializing in social media to manage it.

The cost of writing an article could be high or low it’s depending’s the quality of the post. A very quality article could range between USD 250 per 500 words. If we had over quality 100 articles with average 1000 words, that cost us 100 articles x 500 USD (Cost per article with 1000 words) = USD 50,000.

We used to set up our server from scratch but considered whether we needed to monitor the server every year, upgrade security patches and test/set up the latest version of PHP. Then it costs another specialist, such as a server administrator. But since we are not that big that needs to hire someone to maintain it, we use semi-managed hosting that could save us some time on testing and scaling.

Running a custom app like this usually needs to connect with third party APIs. Things like Google Maps API aren’t cheap too. But since we are small, we could temporarily use it for free if we didn’t hit the free limit. Once we hit the free tier, using Google Maps API to display the map could cost us $7/1000 requests.

Running such an application requires you to keep your files on highly scalable storage, take regular backups, add WAF security, DDoS protection, and more. Those aren’t cheap either.

Running a community without moderators quickly puts the community in dust. Sometime the site crashes, design gone weird, buttons don’t work, firewall is false positive, app become slow, people attack maliciously, and so on. Fixing it can cost us a lot of money and time, especially if we don’t have the skills and need to hire a professional to fix it.

What about if we need to hire a customer support specialist? Using a professional email system? Setting up bots to reduce repetitive workloads? The server cost includes hosting Image, videos separately and more. If you plan to build your own app like this. There are also many hidden costs and tasks. I hope this helps you and gives you some insight into this.