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How To Get Started?

I know you have a questions like “I want to become computer programmer, but I don’t how to get started“, “I want to become this or that, but I have not clue.” OR you have any others things you want to learn but don’t know how to get started.

But what? In this generation, you can now learn almost anything on the internet. Over the past few years, I have learn so much of technique by myself especially in computer programming, web development, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, WordPress Development, Web Design and so many things. I can do it and you definitely can do it too!

This page is a get started series that I hope that this page might guide you and inspire you to get started on anything. I will start from learning to program and then will covered most guide of get started that I’m doing great at in this series. I hope it can inspire you. If you find this helpful, don’t forget to share it out.

Learn Programming

Learning programming isn’t difficult. Many people don’t know where to get start, what to learn and where to learn it.

With tons of programming language in the market, you don’t know what you should learn and what can it do. I know it doesn’t matter, right? You just want to start to learn programming immediately without any goal yet, right? If yes, this is the one you should get start at.

First of all, I would recommend to start about from basic front end development of web development. What are you waiting for? Let’s learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript immediately.

Step #1: Install Good Code Editor On Your System.

Before you can start learning HTML, CSS and Javascript. First you need to install a good code editor on your system. Personally, I would recommend you start your programming with Sublime-Text editor.

Step #2: Starting From HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Step #3: Enroll to the FREE 6-Day Introduction To Code Quality Course

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Step #4: Continue to my JavaScript Best Practices Video Training

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Step #5: Start Building Portfolio

Want to know what you have learned and how it can put it in use in real-world immediately, right? You can put what you’ve learned previously in real-world practicing by building a portfolio. By building a portfolio, you will immediately get to know what your lack of and how it can be applied in real-world scenario.

Building a decent portfolio may immediately got to know what your employers looking for. It’s a great strategy for you to stand out above and ahead of the crowd especially when you applying for a job.

Last but not least, don’t forget to optimize your code when building the project. If you don’t know how to optimize your code, please go back to Step #4. Be sure you store your portfolio in somewhere. It’s recommend you push your portfolio in GitHub if possible.

Step #6: Apply For Jobs

Once you had built your portfolio. You could consider of building more portfolio or continue of learning new framework it’s all depending on your goal. Everyone have difference goal, right? But what, Never Stop Learning!

If you find this helpful, please share it out! If you want to support me, you can buy me some coffee☕. It will motivate me to continue my work. Thanks a ton!

Become a Better Coder

Step #1: Enroll to the FREE 6-Day Introduction To Code Quality Course

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Step #2: Take my JavaScript Best Practices Video Training

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Step #3: Applied What You’ve learned to your project.

Taking code review to your project that you write previously or someone else projects. If you can find something to refactored, it means you’ve learned something. Otherwise, move back to the previous steps.

Step #4: Give Awareness of the benefits of writing good code

Find out at least 5 of your friends and share the awareness. Many beginner programmers write code that just works without caring about future readability and maintainability. Not because they don’t want to write good code, it’s because they totally have no ideas of what good code and bad code are. Share them a 🎁GIFT🎁 with this guide, invite them to my email course to get started. No worries, the email course is COMPLETELY FREE!