Gambia Info

Gambia is a country that is surrounded by Senegal. It is comprised of two parts: The Gambia River and the Gambia Sea. It is a land of green hills and golden sands. There are three main areas to visit: The Gambia River, The Gambia Sea and The Western Area. The Gambia River region is the northernmost area of the country and is home to the Gambia River. The Gambia Sea region is the southernmost area of the country and is home to the Atlantic Ocean. The Western Area is the western region of the country, bordered by the Gambia River region and the Gambia Sea region.

🌍 Continent Africa
🏰 Capital Banjul
💵 Currency GMD
😊 Population 2,347,706 People
📏 Area 11,300 km²
📞 Calling Code +220
🌐 Internet Domain .gm
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Gambia Map