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💬 Announcements

All announcements will go here.

💬 Career Advice

Discuss about applying for a remote jobs, resume review, transition to remote work, offer letter, job interview, salary & benefits, internship, probation and so on.

💬 Designers

All discussions about design will take place under this forum. eg. UI/UX design, graphic design, etc

💬 Digital Nomad

This forums talks about digital nomad life, digital nomad lifestyle, digital nomad families, digital nomad parenting, digital nomad with pets and so on. It's commonly surrounded with topics like "I'm moving my whole family with a dog to X country for 3 months, what is your advice?"

💬 Freelancers

Everything about freelancing, like how to find and work with clients.

💬 Insurances

Talk about travel insurance, health insurance, medical insurance, etc.

💬 Introductions

Welcome to Jorcus. This is a specific forum for new signups, please introduce yourself here.

💬 Legal

Stay up to date on new laws in each country. Topics usually start with"Is it okay/legal to ____ in the X country?".

💬 Support

This is the support forum for our website. If you encounter problems or any bugs on our website, please post your question here.

💬 Taxes

Talk about personal taxes, corporate taxes, and more. The forum does not constitute legal and/or financial advice. If you do need tax help, it is recommended to talk to professional tax experts and accountants.

💬 Travel Tips

You can share and ask about any place-specific topic about how to avoid tourist traps, how to travel safely, your travel tips, money-saving strategies, and more.

💬 Trip Reports

Trip Reports

💬 Van Life

van life

💬 Visas

All about digital nomad visas.

💬 Art and Culture

The world is huge. There are many arts and cultures that we don't know!

💬 Coders

A place to chat about anything related to programming and coding.

💬 Content Creators

A discussion forum for bloggers, youtubers and content creators.

💬 Cost of Living

Share or ask questions about living expenses for specific location.

💬 Entrepreneurs

A place for business owners and entrepreneurs to talk about operating online business, such as LLC, online stores, ideas, SaaS, startups, bootstrapping startup, marketing, dealing with co-founder, VC funds and more.

💬 Food

Discuss, share, and ask about various foods from all over the world. Topics include dumplings, juices, sushi, desserts, beverage, ice cream, etc. You can ask for recommendations for the best restaurants in the country that serve a particular food.

💬 Gear

Looking for the best digital nomad gear?

💬 Meetup

Looking for travel buddy or want to meet new friend? Post here

💬 Money

All discussions about managing money including financial independence, and early retirement (FIRE).

💬 Online Learning

A place to discuss online courses, books, and study together.

💬 Place to Work

A place to talk about the best places to live and work, such as co-living space, coffee shops, co-working spaces, and accommodations with good Wi-Fi.

💬 Productivity

A place where remote workers and digital nomads discuss productivity-enhancing tools and techniques.

💬 Safety and Security

When traveling as a digital nomad, how do you keep yourself safe? Any tips?

💬 Transportation

All discussion about transportation, including flight, train, bus, taxi, grab, uber, local transportation, etc.

💬 WordPress

All WordPress discussions will be here.