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    Zoran Grbic

    Maybe a good idea to have a seperate thread for tech issues?

    I get systematically the error below when trying to fill-in my profile:

    “Access Denied – http://jorcus.com/members/zoran-grbic/profile/edit/group/4/
    Error Code 5529
    This request has been blocked by Patchstack Web Application Firewall.

    If you are a legitimate user, contact the administrator of the site with above error code if this message persists.”

    Is it me or is it a software glitch?

  • Fang Kiang Ng

    Hi Zoran, thank you for using our website.

    I’ve checked the issue you mentioned. It has now been fixed. You can try it now. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

  • Zoran Grbic


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