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    Fang Kiang Ng

    Hi, Digital Nomads And Remote Workers! ???

    First of all, welcome to the community?‍?‍?! We’re incredibly happy to have you here. In this forum, we are digital nomads and remote workers all around the globe that comes here for making friends and supporting each other.

    Community Rules

    1. Be Kind and Polite
    2. Please speak ENGLISH only.
    3. No Hate Speed or Bullying
      Don’t threat, doxing, harass or grieve anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information. Don’t be a jerk, no explicit images, offensive, abusive, shaming, making fun, bully, insult, racist, misogyny, misandry, xenophobia, homophobic, transphobic, race, religion, sexual orientation, or personal attack or hate speech to against anyone (including bigotry)
    4. No Spam and Self-Promotion
      No Affiliate Links, kickstarter, online petition, web comic, survey, or any NSFW content. External links that are not relevant to the topic or are purely promotional may be removed. Also don’t post no-content replies like “+1”, “Following…”, “Agreed”
    5. No Adult Content ?
      No sex tourism, one-night stand, prostitution and PUA groups
    6. No Survey and Don’t Collect User Info
      Don’t ask for survey/review/testing your products/services or collect user info
    7. No Politics
    8. No MLM or Get Rich Quick Scheme
      No Get Rich Quick Scheme, Blackhat/Grey-hat SEO, Ponzi Scheme, life-coaching, guru-esque, selling dream stuff, any supplement, nutrition and health products
    9. Respect Everyone
      Be polite, positive, upbeat, and agreeable tone. This means everything from respecting cultural differences to reading someone’s post carefully, so you’re not commenting on irrelevant content.
    10. Strictly Avoid Discussing Anything Illegal ?
    11. Don’t attempts to impersonate anyone
    12. No Fake News or Any Conspiracy Theory Content
    13. Be Positive
      No spread negativity, ranting, grudges, Axe-Grinding, complain, whine or vent – This is not the place for you to complain, whine or spread negativity. (For Personal emotions issue, please seek for psychologists/psychiatrists/doctors if you need help.)
    14. Upload Your Own Profile Picture
      No horrible profile picture – Please upload your own picture with your face. Don’t upload weird picture or anything offensive to the site.
    15. No Piracy
      Don’t pirate, copy and paste somebody else content (text, images, videos, audio) to our forum without someone else permission. If you post someone else content, please indicate the source.
    16. Don’t ask for medical advice
      This is NOT a place to seek for medical advice, and we are not a licensed professional.
    17. No Bare Link
      If you posting link, please provide some context for discussion. Bare link will treated as a spam.
    18. No Clickbait
      Don’t share things that aren’t useful or not relevant to the discussion.
    19. Don’t share sensitive information
      Don’t share your private things in public, especially email and phone number. This is because there are people scraping sites and spamming over them. If you don’t want to get spam, don’t share it public and protect yourself from identity theft.
    20. Don’t post anything like I’m looking for Job/Candidate/Reviewer.
      I’m sorry, this isn’t the place for discussing or looking for people to help your business or your own project. If you are looking for a job, please check the job board on our site. If you are hiring, please post a job there. If you need someone to review your product, please ask review from your customers and not others.
    21. No brand/company account
      Please register an account with your name and use your own profile picture. Registration with company name or brand name is not allowed.
    22. Post something with detailed information
      When you post something, please post the detailed too. Don’t post something without detailed information. For example, “PM ME ONLY” or “Leave comment for info”
    23. No excessive show-off of your wealth
      Our community aims to meet like-minded people, ask questions, share experiences, learn, and discuss remote work as a remote worker. Therefore, showing off your wealth doesn’t provide value to the community.

    If you see someone against the rules, please report it. Don’t waste energy arguing with people who are being rude. Just report it. It will helps us to save time for moderation. Any content that is posted multiple times will be removed, so please post once in the appropriate forum.

    If you have any issues or questions about the rules or why your post may have been deleted, we encourage you to pm us via live chat.

    To make most of our community free or at low cost. We will place some ads on our site. Please don’t use ad blocker. We would appreciate if you excluded ad blocker on our site for supporting us. So we will have some funds for further development. We only place in-page ads on our site. This means no annoying pop-up, anchor, vignette, sticky or annoying ads.

    If you encounter any bugs or errors on our site. Please to report here. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please use this form. Please do not email or use live chat of reporting this issue to avoid extra work for us.

    Please also keep in mind that we do not give warnings to rule-breakers. We simply don’t have the time or patience to warn someone to delete a post and have to follow-up to make sure they did.
    We reserve the right to reject specific content for any reason.

    Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any transactions that occur in the community forum. If you suspect a post or reply is fraudulent, please use the report button to submit your report.

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