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    Fang Kiang Ng

    Hello everyone, welcome to this forum. This is a place to ask, share and discuss about the best place to work.

    Some people prefer to work at coffee shops, while some people prefer to work at co-working spaces. The most importantly, it’s to have a comfort place to work with a reliable Wi-Fi. But finding reliable Wi-Fi can be challenging sometime for certain places. 

    This is the reason you need the community to share and exchange their knowledge with each other. You can ask and discuss about place to work like coffee shops, coworking space, co-living space, RV, hostel, hotel, Airbnb and so on as long as it’s related to work. 

    If you are new to the community. Please read our community guideline.

  • namastetaoloft

    Namaste Tao Loft welcomes digital nomads looking for their HOMEOFFICE from paradise.

    With nature as a source of inspiration, creative people will be better able to focus on their imagination and new ideas. By freeing yourself from the constraints of everyday life, it’s easier to focus on the essentials or perform a complex task more efficiently.

    Imagine starting your day routine with the practice of Yoga, then doing your HOMEOFFICE work with a fiber optic connection as if you were in an office in Japan or New York and at the end of the day having to decide whether to play a game of golf in our PGA course or simply choose a Beach Club to watch the sunset with the Caribbean Sea as a witness, infinite options offer you this wonderful location.


  • namastetaoloft

    new district for digital nomads near Tulum.


  • mikeoneil

    I really enjoy a great outdoor place to work in a tropical climate.
    – not too noisy, esp not with trucks, motorcycles, wind gusts
    – interesting things to see but not TOO distracting
    – service for food, drink bathrooms
    – steady internet service that supports Zoom calls well
    – at my hostel (or equiv) or not too far away from where I stay.
    – others nearby to talk to if you feel like a conversation, later in the day

    I am working remotely in Costa Rica. This is El Be! restaurant in Tamarindo.

    Tried to upload some examples but it failed.

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