Discussion forums for programmers

Discussion Forums For Programmers

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One of the common ways to improve your coding skill is to be active in the discussion group. When someone needs help, help them as much as you can. Teaching others is one of the fastest ways to learn something.

When you teach, you will learn. You keep it yourself, you will forget it in future. Don’t be selfish, share the knowledge with people and you will get a good reputation. Who’s knows you will get a job promotion or job offer because of you sharing valuable knowledge with someone.

If you are not an expert yet, no worries because all the expert become expert are starting from a beginner. If you don’t know something, do some research on the internet. If you still don’t get it, feel free to ask questions in the discussion group and forums.

Why join the discussion forum?

Ask questions
When you don’t understand something, post it to forums, and you will get helped by someone.

Get ideas
When you have no idea of how to improve your current project, posting it to the forums will help you get more ideas on improving your knowledge.

Networking and build relationship
Networking is getting important these days, and you will get more opportunity when the more network you expanded.

Increase knowledge
When you read the threat from the forum, you learn and increase your knowledge even the question is unrelated to you now, but it might benefit you in future.

Knowledge sharing
When you find a good solution for something and want to helps others, posting it on the forum must be a good one. You get an excellent reputation within the community.

Discussion forums

StackOverflow is the best #1 discussion forum for programming. If you are a developer, you must not give yourself an excuse to join this community. In StackOverflow, there are tons of world-class experts that willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Everything is free, and it’s just a matter of you willing to learn or not. Don’t forget giving back for an upvote for the best answer/solution as an exchange to the people who’s helped you.

Instead of StackOverflow, there are also some alternative online discussion and forums out there.

If you have any question or coding group suggest, don’t hesitate to drop an email for me.

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