Disable Unwanted Image Sizes Generation in WordPress

Do you know that every single time you upload an file to your WordPress size. The WordPress will automatically generate a tons of images without your notice? If you are notice about it and yes, I’ve came over with solutions.

To stop WordPress from generating the Images, you need to use a child theme and add it to your child theme function.php file.

// Disable WordPress and Woocommerce Image Sizes
function disable_wp_image_sizes( $sizes ) {
    unset( $sizes['thumbnail'] );
    unset( $sizes['medium'] );
    unset( $sizes['medium_large'] );
    unset( $sizes['large'] );
    unset( $sizes['1536x1536']);
    unset( $sizes['2048x2048']);
 	// WooCommerce Image Size
    unset( $sizes['woocommerce_thumbnail'] );
    unset( $sizes['woocommerce_single'] );
    unset( $sizes['woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail'] );
    unset( $sizes['shop_catalog'] );
    unset( $sizes['shop_single'] );
    unset( $sizes['shop_thumbnail'] );
    return $sizes;
add_filter('intermediate_image_sizes_advanced', 'disable_wp_image_sizes');
// Disable Scale Image Sizes
add_filter('big_image_size_threshold', '__return_false');
// Disable Other Image Sizes
function disable_wp_other_image_sizes() {
    remove_image_size('post-thumbnail'); // disable images added via set_post_thumbnail_size() 
    remove_image_size('another-size');   // disable any other added image sizes    
add_action('init', 'disable_wp_other_image_sizes');

Once you have place the code to the function.php, don’t forget to save it. It will works immediately, I have test it with latest version of WordPress 5.4.