What is Digital Nomad?

Last Updated on 21 October 2020

According to Wikipedia: Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.

Digital nomads refer to remote workers who is able to make a living without relaying on a specific physical location. They can decide to live anywhere, how long they want stay in their favorite city or country. For those people who are working from home, If you can make a living on work from home, you’re more likely able to work while traveling.

Who are digital nomads and what do they do?

Digital nomads are remote worker, they can perform their job in anywhere as long as they have a good internet connection, laptop and a great smart phone.

Most of them are:
• Business Owners
• Entrepreneurs
• Remote Workers
• Graphic Designers
• YouTubers
• Influencers
• Online Teachers
• E-commerce
• Write E-books
• Affiliate Marketing
• Software Developers
• Stock Traders
• Consultants
• Bloggers
• Virtual Assistants
• Video Creators
• Web Designers
• OR any jobs without relying on a specific physical location.

Where digital nomads work?

Digital nomads can perform his jobs anywhere as long as they able to use their laptop or smart phone to perform their job with internet connection. Here’s a few popular locations you can find the digital nomads

  • Co-working spaces
  • Coffee shops or Cafe
  • Public libraries
  • Airbnb

Where do they find jobs?

  • Fiver
  • Up-work
  • Stack-overflow (Remote Jobs)
  • Facebook
  • Social network

Why they become digital nomad?

Advantages of becoming a digital nomad

  1. Flexible working space
  2. Save time (No dress up, no traffic issue, less communication)
  3. Flexible work amount
  4. Flexible work schedule
  5. Traveling
  6. Future lifestyle
  7. Build a global community networks
  8. Tax benefits for some peoples
  9. Less expensive (for people from high cost of living country)
  10. Motivation and full of adventure

Disadvantages of becoming a digital nomad

  1. Can be lonely
  2. Time zone issue
  3. Missing friends and family