Hi there, I am an experienced software developer that have reviewed over thousands of students coding projects. If you want someone to review your JS scripts (but not limited to those), send me a message and we shall discuss more. 

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” ― Linus Torvalds 

A good code is one which humans can understand and not just machines can execute. That is how it can go a long way, maintained and enhanced. It’s important to write code that are up to date with a good readability and maintainability.

With this code review service, I can also help you with my coding knowledge writing your code. I will do a detailed code review and write suggestions according to best practices,improvements and just general feedback on your code. If necessary, I will optimize or rewrite parts of your, add comments for functions.

I will also check for coding standards and deprecations that are used by the code base.

JavaScript engineer since 2006 willing to extend expert services for providing in-depth code reviews, bug fixes, or full-blown web applications.

Prices may vary depending on complexity. If the bug you are looking to solve is not difficult for me to correct, I will not charge you the full price.

Will provide code review by systematic examination of project source code. The idea is to find mistakes overlooked in the initial development phase, improving the overall quality of software. It is complete go thru of architectural and software patterns, coding best practices matched with by Martin Fowler

Code design can be termed a “wicked problem”, meaning problem is a problem that can only be defined by solving it. You must “solve” the problem once to clearly define it and then solve it again. While in the weeds of programming, a developer can often lose sight of:

I’ll check for logical errors, consistency, conciseness, adherence to coding standards, style, and so on and provide detailed feedback on common mistakes and suggestions for writing better code.

I will review or fix your code to match the highest standard of performance in code development.

  • Code Style – Principles of clean code, Check for code mess , Use of design patterns
  • Code structure / Class hierarchy / architecture  – formatting
  • review your Code Style, Readability, the Project Structure and Documentation.
  • Performance issues – Use of best practices
  • Focus on code that is reusable, testable, readable and functional (works)
  • Test coverage and test quality, Testability

After analyzing these things, I will suggest improvements and fix these problems. (Best practices)

Why Reviewing Code Matters?

So, why does code reviewing matter? After all, we’re all competent here. Surely we can ship code without having someone metaphorically standing over our shoulder, watching everything we do.

In theory, yes. But in practice, there are many reasons why having a code review helps. And the bottom line is that if you want to improve, you need to have your code reviewed by an experienced developer. That’s why I’m here.

Another very important reason, other than improving yourself, is that it limits the risk. Having someone double-checking our work never hurts, and limits the risk of unnoticed mistakes. Even good developers get tunnel vision sometimes. It dramatically improves code quality

Let’s make something clear: this is not about standards. It’s about making code more efficient. Feel free to message me and we’ll have a brief discussion. Then we can move on to the code review.

  • Prevent problematic code from being deployed to production.
  • Helps to catch bugs, identify missed edge case
  • Spot design issue
  • Avoid anti patterns before they become a problem
  • Helps new developer to become better developer
  • You write difference when you know someone going to review your code
  • Write better code
  • Avoid technical debts

Who needs code review?

– If a developer is not sure about the running code, or needs someone with more experience to solve things, I’ll help. This is what this gig is all about.

– The goal is to do professional level coding, improving not only the code, but the ability and knowledge of the one who requested help.

Bug fixes and web applications are subject to review prior to acceptance due to the nature of it being very difficult to nail down a precise time frame for something for which I have zero requirements, and I will not commit to something I cannot deliver.